Using Financial Management module of Procemm, you will have full control of your FP7 projects.
Manage project real and forecasts costs, assign budgets for each organization in the project, control costs. Contact with your team members, partners and providers.

Workpackages and periods
Manage the economical face of your FP7 European projects satisfying European Commission requirements in an agile and efficient way. Take control of your FP7 project workpackages and periods with our well designed summary view.
Costs forecast
Anticipate to prevent project real costs deviations from your initial forecast. Plan your costs before each period starts.
Assign budgets to each organization in the project
For each project, the coordinator has the privileges to assign forecast on each project activity.
Costs comparison
Perform faster comparison charts about deviations between real and forecast costs. Check your global budget how it is distributed filtering organization assignments, periods or workpackages.
e-FormC generation
Procemm Financial Management generates reports with the information required from FormC. FormC is the financial online tool designed by European Commission for FP7 justifications.
Import projects from Project Management module
Simplify project administration tasks importing project information from Project Management module to Financial Management module. And synchronize workpackages dates between modules.