Procemm is a high scalable online collaborative and multiplatform tool based on a modular system. Each module is focused to manage specific work areas that together they make a global and integrated project control tool.

User management
Roles and permissions
All members of an organization has different roles that require different access levels. Procemm offer a wide range of permissions at user level or module level. The different access levels are very flexible, allowing to the administrator assigning the right permissions to each user.
User preferences
As each user is different, you have the possibility to set up your personal preferences. For instance, you can define your notifications preferences or the number of task per page that you want to see.


Modular web application
Modular Architecture
Procemm is designed as a modular solution. On this way Procemm grows when you needed, and it can change it when you need to change. Your solution can evolve in a way that you will be comfortable, and it can adapt to your changing needs or market needs.
You will never have to replace entirely your management system. The flexibility of Procemm will let you change it what and when you needed.
Web Application
Access from anywhere at anytime. Only with web applications like Procemm you can monitor and control your projects on real-time. Never miss again the progress of your projects.
Thanks to open technologies and the implementation of standards, you can access this solution from any Operating System.
No limitations
Don’t worry to have too much projects. Procemm let you manage an unlimited number of projects, tasks and users.
Communication between work groups
Set up what, when and how do you want to receive your automatic email notifications. Keep informed about the progress of the activities which you are involved without logging to the system. Just read the email notifications that they are send when a task, forum, meeting or attachment is created/modified.
Discussion boards and notes
Share ideas, issues, knowledge and more through discussion boards and attached notes. In Procemm you can create many boards and messages as you need. Tools like this improve team communication and store all threads in order to be able to check it later.
Integrated searcher
Procemm has a powerful search engine capable to find any text on messages and attached files at the platform.
Messages to members
If you want to communicate something quickly to all project members, Procemm has tools to do massive mailing.
Multi language
Procemm is available in many languages, and it has tools to help you to translate to any language.