Manage projects, tasks and documents. Contact with your team members, partners and providers. Schedule your agenda and share all kind of information in a collaborative way.

Project portfolio
Every project can be set up with its own schema, allowing to manage different kinds of projects in line with your needs. The general view is well designed to take control over the general state of the projects where you are involved.
Workpackages and tasks
Managing a lot of tasks could be hard without the right tool. Procemm can offer you an intuitive way to check and modify tasks with our well tested direct and easy method. Stay tuned at any time about your tasks progress thanks to the email notifications.
Gantt diagrams
While some project managers want to show data on tables, others want graphics. Gantt diagrams are a perfect support to show the project progress and task, than reports with long tables that need an exhaustive analysis to understand.
Set deliverable deadlines and take a visual control of the state. Anticipate in order to deliver your deliverables on time without lose compromise.
On-line calendar
Schedule meetings and all team members will receive a notification about when and what topics will be discussed during the meeting. Also it is the perfect place to upload your slides.
Minutes management
At the end of the meeting you can upload the minute of the meeting. All team members will can access and you don’t lose the information any more.
Share documents
On most projects you need to check additional documents. Avoid to attach heavy files on emails and to have problems with antivirus or email size limits. Upload them to Procemm and let to your team members decide when to download.
Link files to specific tasks or deliverables. Doing this way you will be sure that you will not lose the information and only the users with the right permissions will access to that files.
Version tracking
Each file has its own revision and version. Control who, what and when a file is modified.
All contents (files and web) are indexed with our tuned engine. Get a quick access to all project information.